Working with Azure to Use and Manage Data Lakes
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Working with Azure to Use and Manage Data Lakes
by Shadi Ashi

Azure Data Lake addresses many of the challenges that prevent you from maximizing the value of your data assets with a service that’s ready to meet your current and future business needs.

New to Azure Data Lake is the Data Lake Management Portal that allows you to set up, manage, and consume your Azure Data Lakes in one easy-to-use interface. This new portal includes a complete data lake catalog and a dashboard for quickly navigating your data lake. In addition, it also provides easy access to the existing relational, log, and analytics tools that you can easily switch between to use with your data lake.

With Azure Data Lake, it’s more accessible to:

  • Create, manage, and consume data lakes with hundreds of gigabytes, terabytes, or petabytes of data (available to be streamed to Azure HDInsight for Hadoop-based analytics). You can create hundreds of data lakes in a single day by integrating with Azure Blob Storage and Azure Table Storage.
  • Access your data lakes from various mobile devices and other environments (note that connecting a mobile device to Azure Data Lake should be an optional step).
  • Setup Cloud Data Lakes and Azure Data Lake Storage to work with on-premises Azure Blob Storage and Azure Table Storage. The migration is much simpler than with most other AWS services and Azure.
  • Make REST API calls from Data Lake Manager to your on-premises Azure HDInsight cluster. The REST API also allows you to integrate data lakes and Azure HDInsight to use a single Azure Data Lake for Hadoop-based analytics across the organization.
  • Extend on-premises data services that enable you to seamlessly ingest data to Azure Data Lake using Azure Pub/Sub.
  • Use Microsoft Machine Learning services in your on-premises Azure Data Lake.
  • Interoperate with legacy on-premises Hadoop clusters to extend the capabilities of data lakes, including integration with Hortonworks Hadoop distribution, enabling you to run interactive machine learning, collaborative analytics, and high-speed ingestion.
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