Online Training Courses

Averest online courses give trainees an opportunity to obtain knowledge in an engaging and interactive way by connecting with the instructor in the real-time learning sessions. We provide a professional online learning platform, qualified instructors, and constant support. We facilitate learning on a wide range of topics and we are happy to tailor our online courses depending on your employees' current needs and requests.

5 Benefits of Online Courses with Averest Training

1. Access from home or any other location. The trainee can attend the course and learn just-in-time, in a safe, risk-free environment.
2. Ongoing access to key resources. The trainees can use the learning materials any time after the course is over, to revise or refresh the knowledge.
3. Opportunity to enroll many trainees. Our online courses do not have a limit on the number of participants. Easy access makes it possible to enroll more employees and cover the company's training needs efficiently.
4. Tracking and follow up. Our online learning framework provides a way to easily report and follow up on the trainees' participation and attendance.
5. Timely feedback. Our instructors provide constructive feedback to the trainee during our live learning sessions.