In Averest, we believe that our clients must not oblige to any restrictions regarding the delivery methods of our training programs. Since digitalisation unconfined us from the standard classroom settings, we offer different delivery methods according to your schedule and flexibility.
Learning Delivery
What will the learning experience include?
Phase 1
This phase is where the participants get to know the course and the topic at hand. It is of high importance to encourage the participant and ensure them that they can achieve the course objectives and learn the topics without any problem
Explore & Pratice
Phase 2
Explore & Pratice
Engaging in data, activities, and conversations is crucial for learning processes. We promote our participants to take part in such activities. For this reason, we bring expert trainers that have both academic and business experience to train our participants. Also, the course content is filled with applicable training content and instructive activities to solidify what you learn.
Phase 3
To ensure our participants learn new skills, we sustain the learning experience with training materials and additional documents. Our participants can also get personalised coaching and mentoring service, however, it is a fee-based option.
Phase 4
You can both evaluate your own skills and Averest Training so that we can reach our organisational goals.
Delivery Formats
Averest knows that everyone has different schedules and flexibility. This is why we are offering three types of delivery formats to our clients.
In-Class Training
In-Class Training
In an interactive classroom setting, you will sit and collaborate with your industry peers to solve real-world case studies. This method allows you to network and learn from others.
Instructor-Led & Online Training
Instructor-Led & Online Training
Whether you're at home or in the office, maintain your professional goals with Averest's Instructor-Led & Online Training courses that let you experience the same classes as at our training locations.
Self Paced Learning
Self Paced Learning
With this option, you can enjoy the flexibility of learning at your speed. Plus, you will still have instructor support. Since this option eliminates deadlines and class meetings, you can start whenever you desire.
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For some people, it is crucial to show what they learn in their resumés. Averest provides certifications so that our clients can show what they have accomplished in their resumés or LinkedIn.
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