Agile, Scrum & DevOps:
DevOps Foundation® (DOFD) Certification Training
Accreditited by DevOps
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The course introduces DevOps, a professional and cultural movement that emphasizes cooperation, communication, integration, and automation to enhance the workflow between IT operations specialists and software developers. The ability to design, create, deploy, and operate software and services more quickly will be increased by improved workflows. The business's capacity to provide value to consumers more quickly is enhanced by IT's increased ability to generate software more quickly. The course covers a wide range of fundamental DevOps terminologies and ideas, emphasizes all components of DevOps (people, processes, and technology), and talks about how adopting a DevOps culture would require organizational change. Through applicable, hands-on projects, the instruction reinforces what is learned.
DevOps Foundation® (DOFD) Certification Training
Accreditation With
DevOps Foundation® (DOFD) Certification Training Overview
The DevOps Foundation training provides a baseline understanding of critical DevOps terminology to ensure everyone speaks the same language and highlights the benefits of DevOps to aid authority accomplishment.
What You Will Learn?
  • Define DevOps objectives and terminology
  • Business and IT benefits must be demonstrated.
  • Examine principles and methods such as CI, CD, testing, security, and the Three Ways.
  • Align DevOps with other frameworks such as Agile, Lean, and ITSM.
  • Improve work processes, communication, and feedback loops.
  • Recognize automation approaches, like deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains.
  • Recognise crucial success elements and essential performance indicators
  • Utilise real-world instances to comprehend DevOps initiative ROI.
  • Determine the optimal means of scaling DevOps for the enterprise
  • Obtain the Foundation Certification from the DevOps Institute.
  • Participate in innovative activities aimed at applying training
  • Take sample papers, templates, tools, and procedures with you after training.
  • Access to DevOps Institute's supplementary knowledge sources and communities
  • Case studies from real life are woven throughout the course.
Course Key Features
  • Pre-course consultation
  • Exam voucher included
  • Access to DevOps Institute additional sources of information and communities
  • Real-Life case studies are weaved throughout the course
Training Options
Starts from
No price
  • 2-days in-class training 
  • Official DevOps Institute Curriculum
  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Exam voucher included 
  • Pre-course consultation
  • Highly experienced instructor(s)
  • Post-course follow-up
  • All related Averest's quality control tools
  • Required stationary
  • 5 or 4 stars training venue
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support
Online Instructor-Led
Starts from
No price
  • 2-day instructor-led training course
  • Live, online classroom training by top instructors and practitioners
  • Official DevOps Curriculum
  • After-course instructor coaching benefit
  • Exam voucher included 
  • One-on-one after-course instructor coaching
  • Pay later by invoice -OR- at the time of checkout by credit card
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support
DevOps Foundation® (DOFD) Certification Training Schedules
You can get this course with 2 training options and 2 venues
Corporate Team Training
We will tailor the DevOps Foundation® (DOFD) Certification Training program to meet your company's specific needs.
Corporate Team Training
DevOps Foundation® (DOFD) Certification Curriculum
Individuals associated with IT improvement, IT tasks or IT administration the executives Individuals who require a comprehension of DevOps standards IT experts working inside, or going to enter, an Agile Service Design Environment
IT-related work experience and a working knowledge of technical terms are highly recommended
Course Content
Section 01 - Exploring DevOps
Defining DevOps
Why Does DevOps Matter?
Section 02 - Core DevOps Principles
The Three Ways
The First Way
The Theory of Constraints
The Second Way
The Third Way
Chaos Engineering
Learning Organizations
Section 03 - Key DevOps Practices
Continuous Delivery
Site Reliability & Resilience Engineering
Section 04 - Business and Technology Frameworks
Safety Culture
Learning Organizations
Continuous Funding
Section 05 - Culture, Behaviors & Operating Models
Defining Culture
Behavioral Models
Organizational maturity models
Target Operating Models
Section 06 - Automation & Architecting DevOps Toolchains
DevOps Toolchain
Section 07 - Measurement, Metrics, and Reporting
The Importance of Metrics
Technical Metrics
Business Metrics
Measuring & Reporting Metrics
Section 08 - Sharing, Shadowing and Evolving
Collaborative Platforms
Immersive, Experiential Learning
DevOps Leadership
Evolving Change
DevOps Foundation® (DOFD) Exam & Certification
The DevOps Foundation Certificate is earned by scoring 65% or higher on a 60-minute test with 40 multiple-choice questions. The DevOps Institute manages and keeps track of the certification. The open-book, online proctored exam is part of the course fee. Participants will get a voucher for this exam, which they can take whenever they want after the course.
DevOps Foundation® (DOFD)  Exam & Certification
DevOps Foundation® (DOFD) Certification Training FAQs
Does DevOps pay well?

The median annual salary for DevOps engineers is around $93,000, while the top 10% earn approximately $135,000 per year.

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