Conducting Internal Audit Training
Conducting Internal Audit Training
Conducting Internal Audit Training Overview
You can learn about the fundamentals of auditing through this course. You'll discover how to set up, carry out, report on, and conclude an audit. It is perfect for aspiring auditors, those prepared to serve on audit teams, and those who are about to undergo an audit and wish to comprehend the procedure.
What You Will Learn?
  • Identify the steps needed to prepare, perform, report and follow
  • Identify types of audit evidence needed to verify conformance to requirements
  • Use checklists and other working papers
  • Conduct a desk audit
  • Write nonconformity statements
  • Report results of the audit
Course Key Features
  • Determine when a practice or situation represents a nonconformance or finding
  • Determine methods to analyze and classify nonconformities or findings
  • Follow-up and verify actions taken
  • Collect audit evidence
  • Participants will increase their awareness of different interview techniques
  • Participants will develop their auditing skills.
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$ 5,750
Classes Starting From
24 Jul 2023 , 5 Days
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Conducting Internal Audit Training
5 Days,
09:00 - 13:00, UTC +03:00,
$ 5,750
Corporate Team Training
Conducting Internal Audit Training Curriculum
New auditors, those getting ready to join audit teams, and those who want to comprehend the auditing procedure while they are being audited.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
Conducting Internal Audit Training Content
Program Outline
Section 01 - Module 1: Introduction to the course
Corporate Governance; Definition, Concept, Rules, Principles
What are the obstacles and barriers to implement effective governance?
The Risk, Compliance & Internal Audit Triangle
Role of Audit Committee in checking audit notes (internal/external) among Board’s important committees’ roles and responsibilities
Using internal and external audit standards to audit Governance activities
Key components, practices and activities to audit processes and relations by which corporations are controlled and governed
Section 02 - Module 2: Fundamentals and Basics of Audit; Evolution of Auditing towards Risk-Based Auditing
Definition and objectives of internal audit with understanding of Internal Audit Methodology
Auditors Tools, Techniques, roles and responsibilities
Report results of the audit via Field Memorandum
The transition from system-based to risk-based internal auditing
Risk-Based Audit Approach and Risk-Based Audit Methodology
How and why audit units move into risk-based audit programs
Section 03 - Module 3: Preparing and Executing a Successful Risk-Based Audit Plan
Developing risk-based audit plan
Preparation of a clear plan to be approved by Audit Committee
Efficiency in the non-recurrence of Audit Notes
Identification and classification of audit risk
Writing Audit Report; how to impress reader and how to address challenges
How to structure effective audit report
Section 04 - Module 4: Relationship Between Internal Audit & Risk Management
Fundamental Concepts of Enterprise Risk Management
Identifying different types of Risk Taxonomies
Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA)
What is operational risk management framework?
Definition and objectives of internal controls; roles and responsibilities
Latest trend in Auditing: Auditing the Control Environment
Section 05 - Module 5: The Evolution of Compliance Towards Risk-Based Compliance
What is risk-based Compliance?
What are the roles and responsibilities of the Compliance Head?
International Standards for Anti-Money Laundering / Combatting Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF)
Money Laundering Threats and Methods
Terrorist Financing Threats and Methods
International Case Study
Section 07 - Module 7 : Ethics and Fraud Overview
General understanding of organizational ethics
The role of internal auditing
General understanding of internal auditing’s role regarding: (fraud prevention, detection, investigation)
Case Study
Conducting Internal Audit Training Certification
On successful completion of this training course, an AVEREST Certificate will be awarded to the delegates.
Conducting Internal Audit Training Certification
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